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Vassey Dental Partners in Peachtree City, GA is committed to providing high quality dental care for the whole family. Pediatric dentistry focuses on the dental health of children. We see children starting at three (3) years of age through adulthood. We do see children younger than 3 years of age by special appointment or for emergency care.

The oral health of children is extremely important. Establishing a good oral health and preventive care routine creates good habits that will carry into adulthood. Children’s dental care is different from adult dental care. Pediatric dentistry has a unique set of challenges. A dentist must be experienced and well trained to examine and treat children, to identify problems and make children feel comfortable.

Why Primary Teeth (Baby Teeth) Are Important:

  • Contribute to good nutrition by allowing children to chew properly
  • Aid in speech development
  • Lay a foundation for permanent teeth
  • Instrumental in establishing good self esteem

Children often experience anxiety and fear when visiting the dentist. One way to combat this fear is to not be anxious yourself and to bring your child during your own visit to our Peachtree City dentist office. Children learn by example and can often detect the emotions and anxiety of their parents or caretakers. For children who are especially anxious or uncooperative, we can administer nitrous oxide to calm the child, making them more comfortable and easier to treat.

Pediatric dentistry includes routine dental cleanings and fluoride treatment. Our doctors can provide tips and advice for parents on a range of oral health topics from brushing and flossing habits to diet recommendations, pacifier use and thumb sucking. As children grow into adolescents and young adults, they have other unique needs including wisdom teeth. We perform third molar (wisdom teeth) extractions. Both parents and teen-agers are more comfortable having these services done in our office under the care of their regular dentist. We also treat emergency situations like broken, fractured or missing teeth.

Children’s dental health is important to their long term dental health. If you have questions about pediatric dentistry or would like to schedule an appointment for your child, contact us today!


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