Oral Germs : Good V. Bad

Fighting Tooth Decay in Peachtree City, GAOver 500 bacteria live in the oral cavity. But do not be alarmed, many of these bacteria are helpful and work to keep your gums healthy. Understanding the purpose of bacteria may help you feel better about all those germs in your mouth. Our Peachtree City, GA dentist office, Vassey Dental Partners, wants you to know about healthy germs and how they benefit your oral health.

Bad Germs V. Good Germs

The “bad” germs that feed off of leftover food stuck in the crevices of our teeth creates plaque, halitosis, and can create an acid that causes tooth decay or enamel erosion. Some bad bacteria also cause gum disease, which is both an oral health and systemic health concern that should be addressed by your Vassey dentist. Bad oral bacteria can be managed with proactive preventive dental hygiene, and with the help of good bacteria.

Some bacteria actually work to fight off harmful bacteria. Oral bacteria helps to digest food, create saliva and fight off bad breath. Bacteria found in probiotics have even been shown to help fight off cavity development. Digestion of your food begins in the oral cavity with the aid of good bacteria and stimulates saliva production that helps keep the teeth clean.

Your “good” and “bad” bacteria create a type of checks and balance system to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Proper oral hygiene a healthy diet and biannual dental cleanings and checkups are all essential in ensuring the balance of oral bacteria.

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Vassey Dental Partners encourage patients to practice proactive preventative dental care. Regular dental cleanings can help you avoid the need for advanced restorative dental treatments in the future. Keeping your smile bright and healthy can help protect your oral and overall health for your long term well being. Dr. Kathleen L. Robinson, Dr. Russel E. Harrah, Dr. W. Neal Morgan, Dr. Brian M. Linton, Dr. Michelle P. Konwick, or Dr. Amish I. Naik encourage you to keep up with your preventative dental care all year round to keep your smile healthy and happy. Schedule a consultation by contacting our office or making an appointment online.


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