The Importance of Gum Health

The Importance of Gum HealthWhen we think of dental care, many patients think just of the health of their teeth and forget to consider their gums. Your gums are essential in maintaining a healthy and functional smile. Our Peachtree, GA dental team wants to make sure all of our patients take extra care of their gums to avoid developing gum disease. Although prevention is the best way to combat gum disease, Vassey Dental Partners offer patients periodontal therapy to treat the side effects of periodontal disease.

Signs You May Have Gum Disease

Gum disease is often known as the “silent disease”. Many patients are unaware that they have gum disease and believe that if they do not know they have it, then why treat it. The reality is that periodontal disease is a serious oral health condition that has been linked to systemic health problems when left untreated. Gum disease has shown connections to Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

Knowing your signs and risk factors can help for an early diagnosis to avoid the development of more complex health problems.

  • Bleeding gums- if your gums bleed regularly, you may have gum disease
  • Receding gums, loose teeth or change in bite- if you notice any changes in your gums or bite call Vassey Dental Partners
  • Halitosis- if your bad breath persists it may be a sign you have gum disease

Risk Factors of Gum Disease Peachtree, GA

Gum disease can be a result of poor oral hygiene. However, there are some predetermining risk factors that may increase your chance of developing gum disease. Some are preventable, and others are not. If you fall into one of these high-risk groups, take extra care of your gums during your oral hygiene routine, and be sure to visit our Vassey Dental Partners frequently for professional teeth cleanings and gum disease screenings.

  • Tobacco- use of any kind. Vaping, smoking, or chewing.
  • Genetics- some people are pre-dispositioned
  • Pregnancy – pregnant woman are highly susceptible to developing gum disease
  • Stress- patient with higher levels of stress may be more likely to have gum disease
  • Medications- certain medications can make your gums more vulnerable, be sure to tell your Vassey dentist what medications you take.

Schedule A Visit to Peachtree, GA Dentist Office

Twice yearly visits to the dentist office and diligent at-home oral health care is the best way to avoid developing gum disease. If you believe you may have gum disease, contact our office or schedule an appointment online. Dr. Kathleen L. Robinson, Dr. Russel E. Harrah, Dr. W. Neal Morgan, Dr. Brian M. Linton, Dr. Michelle P. Konwick, or Dr. Amish I. Naik encourage you to schedule your next visit to our Peachtree City, GA dentist office visit.


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