Break Your Bad Oral Health Habits

halitosis treatment in Peachtree City, GAWe only have one set of adult teeth. It is important to take care of them and practice routine oral hygiene. Brushing, flossing and regular visits to our Peachtree City dentist office can help maintain your healthy smile. Even if you are practicing the best preventive oral health care, you may have habits that could be harming your teeth. Vassey Dental Partners encourages you to take a moment to consider if you practice any of these bad habits that may be harming your teeth.

Bad Habits For Your Teeth

Brushing With Force- Treat your gums and teeth gently. Do not brush too hard, it may cause bleeding gums or swelling. Prolonged forceful brushing may also lead to a receding gum line. Make sure you brush with a soft bristle tooth brush. Most ADA certified toothbrushes will be labeled as soft. Never scrub your teeth, think of brushing as a gentle massage for your teeth and gums. Brush at a 45 degree angle to ensure you reach all sides of your teeth.

Chewing Ice Cubes-
Chewing ice cubes can crack or break your teeth. If you have a filling or dental crown, chewing ice is definitely not a good idea. Crowns and fillings are prone to cracking or falling out when met with the force of ice. If you have sensitive teeth, chewing ice can be painful and irritating. Use a straw to drink iced beverages to prevent ice from crashing into your teeth.

Biting Your Nails-
Besides all the bacteria you are ingesting, biting your nails can cause stress on your jaw and may chip your teeth. When you bite your nails your jaw is protruded at an unnatural angle for a prolonged time. Stress on the jaw can cause headaches and general jaw discomfort. If you bite your nails due to stress, try to keep your hands occupied during times of anxiety.

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Find out if your bad habits have an effect on your oral health. Regular visits to our Peachtree City dentist office can help our dentist to identify developing oral health concerns early. Dr. Kathleen L. Robinson, Dr. Russel E. Harrah, Dr. W. Neal Morgan, Dr. Brian M. Linton, Dr. Michelle P. Konwick, or Dr. Amish I. Naik encourage you to schedule your next visit to our Peachtree City dentist office visit.


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