Maintain Your Dental Health

Daily home care and regular trips to the dentist are two of the most important things that you will need to do to keep your mouth healthy. Dentists typically recommend that patients get professional dental care twice a year. However, some patients may need to go to the dentist more frequently.

During your dental visit, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and examined. A dental hygienist will perform your dental cleaning. Your teeth will also be inspected for cavities and gum disease. It is a lot easier for dentists to treat problems in the early stages. Additionally, you will be able to save time and money if the problems are caught in their early stages.

Scaling and root planning are the treatments that are typically recommended to patients who are in the early stages of gum disease. These treatments help remove bacteria and plaque from around the deep pockets in the teeth. Keep in mind that gum disease is the top cause of tooth loss in adults. Additionally, it is important to note that many patients have gum disease and do not even know it. Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease. If gingivitis is not treated, then it will progress to periodontitis.

Periodontitis can cause the teeth to pull away from the gums. It can also destroy the tissue and bone that supports the teeth. Infection, decay and damage can be prevented if the problems are detected in the early stages.

It is also very important for adolescents and children to get regular professional dental care. They are more susceptible to plaque and tartar buildup as well as cavities. Many children are anxious about dental procedures, which is why many dentists today offer nitrous oxide. Furthermore, dentists and dental hygienists are trained to work with young children.

If you are looking for a dentist in the Peachtree area, then you should contact Vassey Dental Partners. The dentists at this practice offer care for children starting at the age of three and adults. Emergency dental care is offered for children who are under the age of three.


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