Vassey Dental Partners Can Help Repair Damaged Teeth

Dental crowns and bridges are two procedures that are popular among people who have damaged or missing teeth. If you are looking for a Peachtree dentist who can replace missing teeth with a dental bridge or other restorative dental procedure, then Vassey Dental partners can help you achieve that goal. Vassey Dental partners performs the dental bridge and dental crown procedure in the Peachtree area as a part of their restorative dental practice.

Dental crowns are also known as dental caps. They are used to restore the appearance, function and strength of teeth. In the past, crowns were not too aesthetically appealing. Today, porcelain crowns are available. They are not only more attractive than gold dental crowns, but they can also last for a very long time if you take care of them.

You may be a good candidate for dental bridges if you have missing teeth. A dental bridge is made up of false teeth that are used to “bridge” the gap that is between your teeth. Dental bridges can be anchored in place using dental implants or bridges.

It is important to note that you will be required to go to the dentist two or three times if you want to get bridges or dental implants. During the first visit, you will be given a thorough examination, and an impression will be taken. You will be given a temporary crown or bridge until the permanent one has been made in a laboratory. The permanent crown or bridge will be put in place during the final visit.

You no longer have to walk around embarrassed because your teeth do not look the way that you would like. Call Vassey Dental Partners today and make an appointment. The phone number is 770.676.1291. The dentists are ready, willing and able to help fix your smile.


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