Restore Teeth’s Function with Restorative Dental Procedures

At your local dentist, different types of restorative dentistry options are available in Atlanta to help restore function and health to teeth. Restoring a problem in the tooth will help both internally and aesthetically to ensure a more comfortable, better quality and radiant smile.

Restorative dentistry at your family dentistry can help your teeth in several ways. If you’re suffering from pain or if it’s difficult for your teeth to perform its everyday functions, a restorative procedure may be right for you. Two very popular restorative procedures are dental crowns and bridges, which can return your smile back to normal and give your teeth the strength and function they need.

A dental crown is a cap that covers an entire tooth that has been damaged by decay, wear or that has been operated on in surgeries like a root canal. These crowns protect the tooth from further damage and look and feel like a real, durable tooth. They are made from porcelain and their shade is matched to blend in with the rest of your teeth for an optimal natural look. Teeth that have been worn down or are severely discolored or stained can also be capped with a crown. A dental bridge is similar to a crown, but does not cap a tooth.

A bridge is used to take the place of where a tooth once was. The vacant tooth area is covered with a crown and linked to its teeth on both sides, which are also capped with porcelain crowns. The teeth are protected by the durable bridge and look and feel like natural teeth. This can help restore function to the area that was affected by the missing tooth and give comfort to the patient.

Dentures are another common restorative medium. Partial and full dentures are used to fill the void of missing teeth to give your smile functionality and beauty again. Dentures, also referred to as “false teeth,” are strong and customized to your mouth to look natural and serve the purpose of actual teeth, whether it’s through eating or speaking or just restoring the bone structure and protecting other teeth.

If you’d like to learn more about restorative dentistry, schedule a consultation with your local dentist today to find out if you’re eligible for a restorative procedure to put the quality and function back in your smile.


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